SDK Development for RISC-V Semiconductor Company

A semiconductor company that specializes in providing commercial RISC-V processor IP and silicon chips based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture. Their range of products includes cores, SoCs, IPs, and development boards.







Company’s Request

The company requested that we expedite the development and market release of the software product, necessitating an expansion of the customer's engineering staff. Consequently, they decided to seek assistance from Sirin Software engineers.

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Technology Set

RISC-V Unprivileged ISA

RISC-V Privileged ISA


Remote debugging

SDK design

Vivado Design Suite


SoftCPU testing with FPGA

Keystone Enclave






Porting Projects to RISC-V

Porting OSes to RISC-V

Freedom E SDK

Device driver development


Providing Complete Assistance
The primary focus of our team’s work is to provide comprehensive support for the freeRTOS kernel across a wide array of kernels, which currently number over a hundred. The end user will have the flexibility to utilize it if required. However, the core aspect of Sirin Software’s work lies in delivering the core element known as the SDK. This SDK consists of fundamental programming primitives that simplify the development process for programmers.

Code Maintenance and Dynamic SDK Enhancements
Our team prides itself on upholding the utmost level of program code, guaranteeing complete compatibility and optimization for every core. Furthermore, we consistently integrate cutting-edge features into the SDK as per the demands of our clients.

The Comprehensive SDK for RISC-V Development
The SDK comprises compilers (GCC, clang), debuggers, libc, linker scripts, and project examples for various on-chip peripherals. It supports existing Software Development Kit features and contributes to developing a brand new bare-metal SDK for RISC-V. The new SDK includes caching, prefetching, libc porting, MMU support, a hardware cryptographic acceleration driver, mbedTLS support for RISC-V, and support for the vector extension instruction set.

Value Delivered
  • The customer’s software product quality is enhanced, leading to improved sales. 
  • Baremetal systems prioritize maximum efficiency. Therefore, our SDK guarantees optimal and superior performance to those who employ the kernels alongside our SDK. 
  • Sirin Software continually adds new features to the SDK based on our customers’ requests, enhancing the technology.
  • Our professional engineers conduct troubleshooting to proactively anticipate scenarios where issues may arise, allowing us to make necessary adjustments to the code to accommodate the new kernel.
  • Our team maintained the program code to the highest standard, ensuring full compatibility and optimization for each specific core. 
  • Sirin Software played a crucial role in expediting the product launch, meeting all deadlines, and saving costs.
  • We provided enhanced support for RISC-V processors.

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