Embedded Electronics: 5 Disruptive Trends to Make Headway in 2021

By: Segiy Sergienko, 30 Jul 2021
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Embedded electronics is one of the buzzwords in the IT-driven world of the 21st century but it has been around for over half a century, in fact. Back in the 1960s, electronics projects on embedded systems were all the rage in the high-tech realm that cost an arm and a leg, so that only such behemoths as NASA could afford to implement electronics for embedded systems on its Apollo missions. 

During the time that elapsed since then, electronics and embedded systems have significantly come down in price which propelled their almost ubiquitous advent. Today, embedded electronics system design is employed in a wide range of sectors and applications – from the automotive industry (for navigation and cruise control as well as in suspension and airbag systems) and mobile technologies (cameras and USB modules) to medical appliances (control mechanisms of different kinds) and a plethora of IoT gizmos

The swift pace of technological progress in the domain of embedded electronics also enabled thousands of development companies to offer their services in manufacturing electronics for embedded systems to an ever-broadening audience of entrepreneurs and consumers. Sirin Software is one of such ventures whose competent team has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of embedded electronics system design

During the years of our presence in the IT market, we have come to realize that in order to succeed in this highly competitive niche it is not enough to have high-end expertise and commitment of personnel. You should also trim your sails to the winds that command the weather in the electronics and embedded system ocean.

What Trends to Watch for in Embedded Electronics?

Generally, the tendencies we would like to focus on aren’t that new but they are going to intensify, shaping the landscape of the electronics and embedded system industry for years to come.

The Surge in Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Production

Embedded electronics system design has already made numerous inroads into various elements of cars, so fuel management, safety mechanisms, and engine control units are largely dependent on electronics for embedded systems. A fresh boost in electronics projects on embedded systems is likely to arrive with the rise of connected vehicles and the continued expansion of the electric car market. Both spheres will necessitate augmented connectivity of cars via every available touchpoint that is supposed to be matched by the development of traffic management, vehicle tracking, and prediction networks to be introduced by large cities. All of these assignments can’t do without embedded electronics system design undertakings. 

Marrying Embedded Systems and Apps

Improving UX in retail sector software brings forth increased efforts aimed at enhanced performance, connectivity, and impressive graphics. Electronics projects on embedded system products in this realm are likely to find employment in further sophistication of point-of-sale terminals (PoS). These complexes make use of advanced accounting and marketing apps, central server connection, and Bluetooth technology. Here, embedded devices can provide seamless backend integration with online stores, sending the latest offers to customers’ smartphones.

Healthcare Breakthroughs

The ruthless attack of the global pandemic has brought medical applications of electronics for embedded systems to the limelight. This industry has tremendous potential for implementing embedded solutions in ventilators, sensors of various types, home monitoring gadgets to control critical health parameters, and portable diagnostic imaging, to mention a few.

Waxing of Wireless and IoT

The IoT market is on a spike with predictions to reach $1 trillion within five years. This brainchild of Industry 4.0 is continuing its robust penetration into virtually all spheres of modern life, being bolstered by wireless technologies. Naturally, countless smart-home gadgets and smart-city solutions reliant on high-speed internet connection will extensively leverage embedded systems. 

An Eye on AI

Not only humans evolve. Mechanisms they produce are also getting smarter, being increasingly equipped with AI. Moving in the wake of this trend, embedded solutions employed in various industries are getting ever more under the control of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence power. Such a drive enables to produce a whole gamut of smart gizmos and technologies – from wearables to blockchain systems. 


During the last 60 years, embedded appliances have progressed from the elite gimmicks that only a few well-to-do consumers could afford to pervasive solutions employed across an ever-growing number of industries. Sirin Software as a seasoned expert in the realm can assist you in implementing embedded electronics projects of any complexity that at an affordable price will impress you and your customers with exquisite design, uncompromising quality, and seamless functionality.

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