The Main Tendencies of the Modern Parking System Solutions

By: Segiy Sergienko, 13 Jan 2021
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In today’s large-scale business venues and city planning, various smart parking solutions are becoming increasingly popular, especially in highly populated urban areas. According to the data from, the estimated total number of car sales worldwide will exceed 68 million in 2021. 

Therefore, many municipalities and business owners around the world have recognized the necessity of efficient IoT based smart parking spaces in modern cities. So, in this article, we are going to describe what importance smart parking solutions have and why they are considered to be so useful. 

The two primary purposes of IoT-based smart parking are to reduce the stress drivers have when looking for a free parking spot and increase the city’s traffic management efficiency. Moreover, the successful implementation of said parking solutions will be hugely beneficial for numerous retail business enterprises, allowing customers to park multiple vehicles on their premises without any complications whatsoever conveniently. 

The benefits that the utilization of an IoT based smart parking offers are:

  • helps to save a significant amount of space, saving money and resources at the same time as a result;
  • provides convenience and stress-relief to drivers because they can park their vehicle effortlessly without wasting time;
  • minimizes on-street parking, thus making the roads safer and cleaner for both drivers and pedestrians.


There are many smart parking solutions worldwide, and most of them operate by utilizing various Internet of Things equipment. Nowadays, digital devices have become increasingly widespread, and more than half of them are connected to the internet. Thus, this tendency created the opportunity for people to come up with many novel ideas for more convenient parking.

A considerable number of modern parking solutions work by transmitting, receiving, and analyzing different types of signals from various IoT sensors. For example, thanks to the data acquired with this technology’s help, any driver can open an app on their phone and see what parking spaces are available in their chosen place of destination. Moreover, since all devices are connected to the internet, every user can monitor all real-time changes without any complications.

In addition, many municipal buildings and businesses can offer drivers to safely store their vehicles with the help of an automated parking system. It is a dedicated structure that is commonly located on the premises of said buildings where all cars are stacked vertically using specific mechanical machinery to transport them to their designated storage units. These robotic parking solutions help save a massive amount of space and are incredibly cost-effective since they operate automatically or with minimal human intervention. 


So, why are the modern parking system solutions so popular that many government offices and businesses are investing in their development? We had already mentioned some of the benefits that IoT based smart parking can offer. Still, we want to discuss its usefulness and what advantages an ordinary driver will get while using it in greater detail.  

If you consider how dense the average population of a modern city can be, you will understand how difficult it is to ensure traffic management effectiveness. Nowadays, a considerable number of drivers are usually forced to leave their cars on the street since there are not many conventional public parking facilities. The reason for this is because such lots require a lot of space, which is significantly limited in densely populated urban areas. 

Moreover, parking your car on the street can be seen as a potential safety hazard for both drivers and pedestrians alike. Doing so clutters the road and limits the overall visibility, especially under severe weather conditions. Thus, the successful implementation of smart parking system solutions will make streets and roads a lot more cleaner and safer for everyone.


If you are a business owner who wants to provide the utmost convenience to your customers, it would be a sensible idea to invest in the development and implementation of custom-made parking IoT solutions.  Not only will you be able to provide a convenient place to store your clients’ vehicles, but you also save a considerable amount of money and space at the same time. 

Moreover, there are many different kinds of parking IoT solutions on the market today, so you will not have any trouble finding one that would be the most suitable for your specific industry and budget. Thus, you should focus on finding the most professionally capable and trustworthy company that will help you to implement them.


The development of IoT based smart parking systems is a costly and time-consuming process, so you need to be extra careful when choosing a company that will take care of this matter flawlessly. Nevertheless, finding such a team is extremely difficult, considering how many complex calculations must be done to finish this project successfully. Thus, you must ensure that you are leaving it in the hands of individuals who possess a high technical expertise level.

Therefore, if you are looking for such a company, we can confidently suggest you contact our company’s customer support representatives! All our employees are experienced and skillful professionals who can complete even the most ambitious project for a reasonable price! We are confident in our abilities and knowledge, so you can be sure that your project’s fate is in capable hands!

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