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Golang development services: All You Need for Your Business

Developing various types of software today is impossible without the use of Golang development services. The popularity of the Go programming language is increasing every year, so everyone who wants to take their business online can use products created on its basis. A team of qualified developers from Sirin Software is ready to not only offer services for Golang software development but also to answer all your questions about the specifics of these products.

Why Golang Development Services Are So Popular

The secret of the popularity of Golang-based products and services lies in the specifics of its basis. The Go programming language is considered relatively young – it was developed only in 2009. In just 10 years, Go has become one of the top three programming languages. According to the results of a survey conducted by the Developer Ecosystem in 2021, it was included in the top 5 programming languages most often used by developers.

This indicates the growing popularity of Golang development, as well as the demand for software products based on it.

Among the benefits of working with Go, developers single out:

  • code that is both easy to use and reliable;
  • improved consistency between individual operations;
  • secure development of projects using firewalls;
  • the ability to perform parallel tasks;
  • scalable projects of any complexity level;
  • easy API development;
  • low effort database integration;
  • smart access to libraries;
  • easy software customization;
  • network support in service.

Many well-known companies use frameworks to develop their products – for example, Google, Adobe, eBay, HP, and others. Due to the ease of working with the programming language, Golang software development is the best tool for creating effective Golang web applications for all types of businesses

Tools Used by Golang Web Development Companies

Various frameworks are used to create quality products for customers, including:

  • Bootstrap. It can be used to integrate MySQL database and PostgreSQL software to modify and adapt web applications to customer requirements.
  • Gin Gonic. This framework is most often used to develop web applications of various types of complexity. Its main advantage is its fast operation, which ensures the high performance of every online product.
  • Go on Rails. Suitable for scaling existing Rails applications, as well as integrating their tools into Golang development.
  • Revel Go. It can be called the main working tool for building applications using Golang code. It can be scaled easily and interacts with other frameworks and software.
  • AWS Lambda. This is an Amazon software product, but it has excellent support for the Go language. It ensures the security and performance of the generated web applications.
  • Go Echo. This is a high-performance framework used to build middleware, specifically the Golang restful API.
  • BeeGo. This web platform is suitable for software modification. Most effective for high traffic applications.
  • Golang Docker. Used for integrating Go software and source code into various applications to speed up the development and keep the code clean.

To ensure a good result of cooperation, before starting work, Golang web development companies recommend conducting an analysis of the needs of the client and their business. This will help you choose the best tool (or their combination) for solving the tasks in the development of Golang web applications.

Popular Golang Development Services by Sirin Software

Our team of Golang developers provides a full cycle of Golang web development services, including:

  • Preliminary consultation and strategy development. Our experts will help you assess the concept of your business development, identify its strengths and weaknesses and offer the best solutions.
  • Web application development. Corporate Golang web applications are essential in promoting and supporting businesses of various sizes. We offer multiprocessor and scalable products of high quality and high performance.
  • Extensions for Machine learning and AI-based programming. They will be useful when developing cross-platform applications – in particular, for programming machine learning algorithms. It can also help you develop efficient UI/UX-based decision models.
  • Development of cloud applications. With the help of Go Cloud tools, our developers will help create cloud applications of various levels of complexity and security, as well as provide services of their installation and further maintenance.
  • Enterprise blockchain solutions. Due to the simplicity of the code and its openness, it is possible to create a blockchain application for data protection. Its maintenance will not require the intervention of a large number of specialists.
  • Development of applications for the Internet of Things. The Go programming language is quite effective in creating software for the IoT since it allows you to simultaneously send and receive data. At the same time, it is easily scalable and works smoothly even when servicing a large number of simultaneously connected IoT devices.
  • Language database configuration. Golang tools – specifically Go Bootstrap – are used to develop and extend database software. All database storage modification, upgrade and tuning services will provide faster real-time reporting and faster cloud software performance.
  • Modification of the language environment based on Go. Golang software development provides services of developing add-ons for Windows and Mac OS based on Go IDE. This allows you to edit, test, and implement more efficient software projects, including Visual Studio and Atom.
  • Support and service. Our team offers assistance in updating and customizing the latest versions of Golang products to promote our clients’ businesses.

We offer only high-quality services, developing Golang web applications for both start-ups and experienced businesses.

Still Not Sure You Need Golang Development Services?

If the description of our services and the benefits of using the Go language did not convince you that Golang software development is the future, we are ready to dispel all your doubts in a personal conversation. Just contact us and get answers to all your questions! Sirin Software is a trusted guide to the digital world of the future of Golang development services.

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If you are looking for developers for a website or web application, we are ready to help you out with our experience and expertise. Our web development company will take into account all your requirements and the leading web development market trends, also offering further SEO-promotion of the readymade solution and its technical support.



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