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Nowadays, the industry is going through a fundamental transformation because of Media and Entertainment Software Solutions. One of the most rapidly changing sectors in this era is the media and entertainment sector. The spread and acceleration of the Internet are changing consumer profile preferences of all ages.

The development of technology and the emergence of various applications, social platforms, mobile devices, video streaming, and other new broadcasting formats that have taken over the lead from traditional media have forever changed the format of entertainment and informational content consumption, transferring most of the control to the user.

Technology Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Users today need access to a virtually limitless assortment of content. These expectations drive operational and business changes within companies. To keep up with the pace of customer needs growth, there must be a flexible set of solutions and media technologies to accelerate content production and deliver it to the right audience at the right time and the right resolution.

This is where Sirin Software can be of service.

Our company provides secure cloud and digital media solutions for production, processing, content distribution, and storage.

We support open data processes and industry standards.

These solutions help create innovative entertainment content and improve production efficiency on schedule and budget.

With machine learning and analytics across the entire media value chain, you can better invest in media and entertainment software development services, content, monetize it more effectively, and deliver a personalized experience to users.

Media and Entertainment Software Development Services

To succeed in a complex and fragmented media and entertainment industry, CEOs must be prepared for new entrants, leverage partnerships to drive business development, and focus on consumer needs. Ultimately, this will enable them to create and implement new business models, as well as operating and pricing models.

Sirin Software can help with solutions for media & entertainment companies because it has the specialized knowledge and tools to tackle industry-specific challenges and the skills to take advantage of opportunities in this dynamic marketplace.

We provide hardware and software development for your media business with a focus on IoT solutions, embedded systems, and IT staffing. Our media and entertainment software development services are:

  1. Cloud business solutions
    Cloud solutions offer a new, advanced level of security and performance for storage systems, hosting, and databases. Moreover, by moving digital asset management to the cloud, you can take advantage of innovative resource and supply chain management applications. Such digital media solutions allow you to set up a serverless end-to-end workflow for uploading video and associated metadata to the cloud. We implement cloud services to help you protect your business assets while staying up-to-date and providing reliability.
  2. Development of mobile applications for online media platforms
    At Sirin Software, we create exclusive media and entertainment software products with user-friendly designs for iOS and Android development.
  3. Development of IoT solutions
    IoT solutions help centralize production facilities and keep devices that you can use in your industry under regular monitoring and control. The Industrial Internet of Things from our company will allow you to optimize your business and provide invaluable analysis for your online media platforms.
  4. Embedded software and service development
    Our company provides specialized consultations before starting a media or entertainment project to develop and create complex embedded systems from scratch. The experience and knowledge of our experts in digital media solutions development will be very useful if you have a business or a startup that needs a joint hardware and software product.
  5. Web development
    We offer custom media and entertainment solutions, as well as web development services for creating solutions of any market type. Whether it’s embedded enterprise software, a broad target audience app, a full-featured niche system, or a coding tool.
  6. Firmware development for your media or entertainment project
    If you have a hardware device or system that requires a reliable server-side and an intuitive interface, then our experienced firmware engineers will help you with this.
  7. Equipment development
    At Sirin Software, we also design and provide media and entertainment business hardware development tools. All of this is done by our development engineers to help our clients distribute solutions that are deeply optimized and tailored for specific user devices. They do everything from planning to load testing.
Software Development for Media and Entertainment Software Products

Our experienced employees use proven technology solutions for the media and entertainment industry to adapt them to your specific needs and business goals. Experts write the codes, integrate all the functionality you need, and create a solution that ties all of your software assets together.


At the stage of testing the system solutions for media & entertainment companies, both automated and manual methods are used. To achieve the desired result, interaction is established until the best result is achieved. Quality assurance professionals help you ensure that your media or entertainment project to develop will be properly built and perform well according to all criteria.


A dedicated team at Sirin Software will help you organize the successful launch of your project in a specific operating environment or straight to the market in the best traditions of it.

Maintenance and Support of Your ProjectTesting

We don’t leave unattended products and projects after release. All shortcomings and problems that might happen in the future will be tracked, fixed, and updated by our support service that will keep in touch with you.

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Improve Your Business with Us

Our developers at Sirin Software will help you provide all the services you need, as well as consultation and the right solution to solve your business or product problems.

We offer top-notch custom media and entertainment technology solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your project.

If you have any questions about media and entertainment software solutions for your product, сontact us and we will discuss all the details.



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