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Parking Solutions:
Innovative Software in Action

Did you know that residents of modern cities spend about 3 months of their lives looking for a comfortable parking place? This takes up to a third of traffic in the central areas of cities, and the problem is growing. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs predicts that by 2050 the share of the urban population will increase to 68%. Accordingly, the demand for parking solutions will also increase.

Until we start commonly using self-driving cars, automated car parking systems with real-time information about free places, auto payments, booking places, and parking lifts could make the city infrastructure much more comfortable. And this is already happening. According to a report by IoT Analytics, 11% of all parking lots are smart, and global spending on smart parking products and services will exceed $3.8 billion by 2023.

Sirin Software has become an active contributor to the niche, involving high-level specialists in the work.

Today, we have sufficient expertise in this area and are ready to share our smart parking solutions with you!

What are Parking Solutions?

Every ride ends at the parking lot, so parking is an integral part of the transport infrastructure. In the article, we are talking about a set of solutions aimed at streamlining the search, ordering, occupation, and freeing up of parking spaces.

Conventional parking is no longer satisfying because it imposes environmental costs and conflicts with the development goals of communities seeking habitable and walking areas. They hinder the development of alternative transport as well.

The issue is global. Whereas previously motorists needed the ability to find convenient free parking, now they need an alternative nearby, information on availability, accessibility, parking and payment rules. All this info is delivered today with the help of IoT-based smart parking system development.

Types of Automated Parking Systems

With the aim of reorganizing urban spaces, innovative parking solutions are used, which are based on a set of scientific achievements in the field of automation, electronics, kinematics, and software.

Employed technologies
The parking process in automated car parking systems differs in the way vehicles move to and from the parking module. Six major systems are commonly used:

  • AGV;
  • Crane;
  • Puzzle;
  • RGC;
  • Shuttle;
  • Silo;
  • Tower.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the project. At Sirin Software, we usually select the best option after examining the customer requirements and the specifics of the surrounding infrastructure.

The main IoT device includes a microcontroller and a distance measurement sensor connected to a cloud service. The parking solution development uses ultrasonic, electromagnetic, infrared sensors and microwave radars.

The sensor detects a parked vehicle by measuring the distance to it. If the threshold value is exceeded (the parameter is adjustable), the “free” state is indicated. When the driver accesses the system via the web application, the system reads the states of the sensors and displays the free and occupied parking spaces respectively.

The choice of innovative parking solutions depends on the size and number of parking spaces. The equipment is selected by an IoT specialist, depending on the architecture of the system. In some cases, a gateway and LPWAN are used.

LoRaWAN protocol will increase the autonomous operation of automated car parking systems. It is optimized for low power consumption, so the batteries don’t need to be changed more often than every 2-5 years. In addition, it is designed to scale from single gateway installations to large WANs.

Data Science and Computer Vision technologies based on video streaming are also perfect for the development of smart parking systems. Data Science, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision can be used for license plate recognition.

The use of smart parking solutions
Lack of parking spaces is really stressful for drivers. That’s why many prefer a taxi for trips to the downtown or even refuse purchases in land-based stores in favor of online shopping.

Social media and integrated apps help you share availability information. It also becomes possible to quickly rent out your own parking space. IoT-based smart parking system development provides other global benefits:

  • Transport arteries are unloaded, “parasitic” traffic is reduced, the city air becomes cleaner, and drivers save on payments and gain in time.
  • Carpooling allows drivers to easily find fellow travelers on their way from the parking place to the destination.
  • Connecting popular mobile applications allows drivers to quickly find free places.
  • Paying or booking parking, for example, through a retailer’s app along with buying a theater ticket, increases tax revenue for the city budget.

Representative information, minimization of search time and payment for parking lots increase mobility and positively affect the city’s economy.

Development of a Smart Parking System

We can confidently say that our software is becoming an integral part of automated parking systems. We offer an increase in the convenience and efficiency of parking processes with commercially available solutions.

  • Flexible solution
    The sensors can be installed anywhere. Since the system includes different types of technologies, it is easily adaptable to the requirements of any type of urban area.
  • Extensive reach
    The sensor can monitor several parking spaces, as well as the surrounding area. This allows you to quickly record up-to-date data, as well as detect parking violations.
  • Self-learning system
    The software uses adaptive systems to enable users to get answers to specific questions. The system recognizes repeating patterns. On their basis, it predicts the development of the situation at the destination and issues recommendations for the use of alternative routes with less traffic.
  • Active routing support
    Drivers can find out about available parking spaces in real time. Route planning apps reduce the time it takes to find parking spots and help you make decisions about which vehicle to use.
  • Simple set up
    The sensors are fixed in holes in the road surface using a special epoxy resin compound.
  • Wide field of application
    The system can be installed outdoors, in public or private off-street facilities. Flexibility allows it to be used for parallel, diagonal and perpendicular parking. At the same time, vehicles do not need to be directly above the detector for identification.
  • High performance
    Parking management solutions offer highly accurate vehicle detection unaffected by lighting conditions, dirt, dust, and oil on the sensors.

At Sirin Software, the parking solution development process includes the following steps:

  1. Requirements and preps
    Development begins with a discussion of the client requirements. If you don’t have your own desired specs, we’ll compile a checklist based on the latest industry trends and standards. Sirin Software’s Development Department will lay the foundation for a fully functional end product. If the project is complex and requires a more thorough and phased approach, our engineers will draw up a basic outline of the software infrastructure.
  2. End product development
    The developers finalize the prepared design based on the specified requirements and project goals. Experts program and integrate features, build an operating solution, linking all software assets.
  3. Testing and quality assurance
    Evaluating the result is the most important part of our work. During the testing phase, both manual and automated methods are used to see how the product copes with its tasks. To achieve the ideal result, iterations are being finalized. Quality control specialists will help ensure that the product is properly finished and can perform effectively under real-world conditions.
  4. Product launch
    This is the most important stage, preparation for which is carried out from the very beginning. A dedicated team will help you effectively prepare the market ground for the product.
  5. Support and maintenance
    The team of true professionals never abandons a product once it is on the market. We identify deficiency to eliminate all possible flaws and resolve the conflicting aspects long after the product’s release.
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Bottom Line

The more technological innovations we introduce, the more features we can add. By implementing new ideas, we make smart solutions available.

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