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Telecom Software Development:
modern approach

The Telecom software development sector remains at the epicenter of growth in innovation, providing tremendous opportunities in the telecommunications market. A dynamically developing industry is gearing up for a new round of technological progress caused by the 4th industrial revolution.

Experts expect the market value to reach $ 3450 billion by 2022, with an average annual growth rate of about 6%. Moreover, with the rapid increase in online video consumption, global IP traffic will grow to 400 exabytes per month.

In 2020, there were approximately 7.7 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide, double the number of what it looked like 5 years ago. This is an unprecedented growth. The greatest opportunities are expected to open up in the wireline segment, which will grow to $ 338.8 billion per year by 2022.

Here in Sirin Software we are convinced that there is no alternative to Telecom software development services, and we’re ready to share our experience with you.

Telecom software services trends

With the introduction of advanced technologies and growing number of government initiatives, the scale and potential of the global telecommunications market should increase in the forecast period.

Internet TV and wireless mobile technologies are top trends today. Among other telecom software services, there will be an increase in the number of Internet offerings using Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G wireless technologies, as well as the option of video on demand along with fixed-line services.

The strategies of key stakeholders in the telecommunications market will be more focused on working towards increasing investment into wireless technologies and spreading offerings to developing countries. Telecom software solutions will become more accessible. Let’s figure out what specifically we are talking about.

Custom telecom solutions

Telecom providers are rapidly converting into digital service providers. We use our accumulated technological experience to make this transition easier for them.

Telecom software development services range from basic networking systems to VAS applications and IoT platforms which allow our customers to drive innovation and ensure that their products meet all the current and future demands.

We work with in the most promising areas:

  • Сloud network;
  • Implementation of IoT solutions;
  • Corporate portals and mobile apps;
  • VoIP network solutions;
  • Systems modernization support (BSS / OSS) and digital transformation;
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) and Analytics;
  • Quality assessment systems;
  • CMS optimization.

Our telecom software solutions enable our clients to improve operational performance and deploy a new generation of services demanded by service subscribers.

Your benefits
Competition, reduction in voice revenues, depreciating data packets, vertically integrated fragmented storage and outdated BSSs – all of it complicates digital transformation. We are committed to helping our clients overcome these challenges.

Cooperation with us gives you a number of advantages:

  • Cost cutbacks, service flexibility increase, and simplification of the implementation and deployment of VNFs by communications service providers (CSPs) by deploying cloud-based networking infrastructure.
  • Competitive advantage for businesses with the help of IoT capabilities, deployment of “smart” user platforms, modules and apps.
  • Daily success in the telecommunications market with cloud-based VoIP services for a large number of telecom providers and millions of users.

Partnering with us, the client is in a strong position to accelerate the pace of innovation, quickly get into the market with a strong portfolio of business services, and increase the capabilities in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction levels.

Our custom telecom software development solutions have such competitive edges:

  • Multicomponent structure;
  • Flexible design;
  • Omnichannel approach;
  • Widget based interface;
  • Smooth integration and full follow-up support.

We help minimize costs, improve team productivity,
deliver a highly functional product on time,
and improve its competitiveness
using new features and software architecture.

Telecommunications software development

We demonstrate a strong commitment to delivering high quality service.


We have created development teams to provide the main business functionality for our clients’ platforms. These include developers of Java, other languages, automated QA, and product delivery managers with excellent skills in resolving different possible incompatibilities and other problems.

Technical Business Consulting

Our collaboration begins with consultation on how to create software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes.

As part of telecommunications software development, we provide a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the transparency and efficiency of the process, as well as regular reporting and transfer of necessary knowledge to our client teams. Moreover, we are so deeply involved in the technological needs and processes of our clients that we consult them on the most optimal architectural solutions for control networks.

Solution overview

The turnkey cloud platform is an expandable and customizable solution supporting residential and business lines, PBX, SIP trunking and mobile office. The platform can be easily scaled horizontally to millions of subscribers and allows for multiple back office integration points.

By using our client’s CPBX solution, service providers can move their VoIP infrastructure to the cloud, lower operating costs, monetize voice services, and increase service flexibility.

Delivery roadmap and expert features

To ensure fast delivery of features, we follow a flexible roadmap with milestones outlined according to the feature set of the global Cloud PBX 2.0 initiative. Our team‘s main contribution to building a cloud-based VoIP platform for our clients lies in such key areas:

  • Active microservices architecture
    To provide flexible scalability for carrier-grade deployments, we split the monolithic system into cloud microservices and add new services.
  • Comprehensive web administration portal and API for back office integration
    We create an intuitive and easy-to-use portal that provides visibility and control of all aspects of business and inventory voice management. We are also building an extensive set of flexible, public APIs that plug into the service provider’s back office to help automate key business processes.
  • A broad tool stack
    Our full-service teams implement solutions for monitoring and managing customer networks.

In addition to supporting standard host call handling features, our custom telecom solutions add business features to quickly respond to changing customer and market needs. An example of such are paging and IVR with visual editor of levels, sublevels, call structure, rules and conditions.

Work synchronization

We check the performance of our custom telecom software solutions in actual practice. Our experts are directly involved in interfacing physical devices of customers and assessing new opportunities. All defects are eliminated as soon as possible, if there are any.

We partner with communication service providers to digitize their internal platforms and processes, and improve the network services managed by our software.

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Custom telecom software solutions help telecommunications companies adapt their infrastructure to the dynamic market demands. This is a direct path to accelerating digital transformation, increasing the competitiveness of offerings and creating new streaming revenues.

Thus, custom telecom software development provides many opportunities for satellite operators, traditional telecommunications companies, OTT and media service providers, and infrastructure operators.

Do you want to keep up with innovation and have success using new business models?

Order out telecom software development and makeyour communications truly modern, effective and profitable!



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