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Best Android mobile app development services

Mobile apps generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue through in-store and in-app ads, so businesses are keenly interested in Android mobile app development services. While many companies are following this trend, not all are able to create a successful application.

Sirin Software offers its own rich Android app development expertise. The company serves clients in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, education, tourism, hospitality, telecommunications, retail, media, and more.

Many of our clients have built successful companies based on and with the help of our achievements. If you need to create a mobile app, the Sirin Software team will expand your capabilities. We have an extensive portfolio of successful projects in the development of hardware and software, embedded systems, cloud solutions, IoT and more.

Services that we offer

Success in a competitive environment can become a reality for your company if you use Android app development outsourcing, supported by a well-thought-out process and affordable prices.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Sirin Software will treat it with full understanding and responsibility. You will become witnesses or even participants of the effective work of a team of professionals, which will ultimately lead to the success of your initiative.

You will receive a full development cycle based on advanced modern technologies, including the stages of prototyping, UI / UX design, programming, testing, launching and subsequent support of the application.

Android mobile app development consulting

Before we start Develop Android applications, you will receive a full package of consulting services:

1. Analysis of your business needs.

2. Proof of Concept (PoC).

3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development.

We will conduct a thorough research of the market, your business and your requirements. Careful and detailed preparation will help experts create a competitive and trendy application that meets your expectations and satisfies all the end users.

UX / UI design

We take a user-centered approach to product development to ensure a seamless user experience. Our experts pay great attention to each design element, developing detailed layouts and wireframes.

Creating wireframes and mockups early on will help establish the structure of the software at the lowest level and move on to writing the architecture of it. This is the stage when the foundation stone of your project will be laid – the foundation of the application complemented by improved design and functionality.

Back-end engineering

Sirin Software Android developers will offer a secure and easily scalable server solution. Our engineers will take care of the internal development and integration of third-party APIs into your application.

Android mobile app development and testing

We can help you to professionally create, update, refactor and test your Android application in order to make sure it meets your requirements.
Our designers will develop interface elements and visual composition of the application, taking into account the provision of a high level of interaction and user engagement. At this stage, developers program the functionality and initiate the process using software coding, taking into account all the specifics of the particular platform.

Rigorous and thorough testing of a running, fully-built application is critical to launching a reliable, stable product that does not require debugging or optimization in the field. Our QA experts will validate and finalize the solution using a global approach to user experience and interface testing.


At the final stage of the project, your Android application will be ready to be posted on Google Play for mass distribution.

Maintenance and support

Sirin Software Android developers will continue to improve your product after launching it and will help you

  • correct errors and mistakes;
  • set up performance;
  • monitor the system;
  • In addition, we provide updates and new product features upon request.

The advantages of our products

Android mobile app development today is a key service of any ambitious technology business. Our offers present effective tools to reach the market, attract new target audiences, and increase accessibility for existing customers and users.

A wide range of developed applications will allow your business to feel completely confident in any competitive environment. With the help of Android app development outsourcing, you will achieve a reduction in risks, cost and project implementation time. Combined with our latest technology, this will dramatically increase the chances of your business being successful.

Native mobile apps

Our engineers develop Android applications using the programming languages that are native to the operating system. These are Java or Kotlin.

Hybrid applications

Sirin Software developers have experience in creating hybrid mobile apps that enable codebase reuse for Android. This development process is significantly faster than the native one

Cross-platform applications

Some special cases require our own mobile development, and we are well prepared for that. Sirin Software has proven itself capable of developing Android applications which are capable of running on any smartphone or tablet and providing the same appearance on all platforms.

For most of our clients, we recommend cross-platform mobile development using Xamarin, React Native, Flutter or Ionic based on their unique requirements. This allows our clients to have their own apps for different platforms without having to pay double the price.

Progressive Web Apps

We develop secure web applications based on modern technologies that create a user experience similar to native apps on mobile devices.

A flexible process and extensive Android app development expertise allow our clients to keep abreast of our work with quick releases every 1-2 weeks. All this greatly reduces the risks of missed or misunderstood requirements.

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In a tough competitive environment, it is extremely important to work with the best Android app development outsourcing providers who can provide you with some really decent results.

Sirin Software ranks among the world’s leading application development companies. Our solutions help brands increase their sales, become recognizable and open up new horizons and perspectives.

Do you need a unique mobile product or perhaps you feel like there’s a need to add new features to an existing solution in order to stay ahead of the competition? Contact us right now, and you will soon understand why Android mobile app development services by Sirin Software are so in demand!

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