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Industrial Automation Solutions:
Bringing the Future within Your Reach

What are the two buzzwords that epitomize mainstream tendencies dominating the world in the early third millennium? They are definitely automation and digitalization. These summands of technological progress have completely revolutionized people’s lives, making our environment a comfortable place to live in.

We start to feel their impact at home as soon as we open our eyes to the melodious signal of the alarm clock on the smartphone in the morning and the pre-programmed coffee-machine brews a cup of refreshing beverage for us. However enjoyable such mechanisms might have made our domestic habitat, it is in the working place that the greatest value of industrial automation systems can be observed.

Entire industrial automation software companies are tirelessly laboring on marrying automation and digitalization with a goal to develop industrial automation solutions. By integrating state-of-the-art machinery and industrial software products, savvy industrial automation engineers increasingly delegate repetitive, complicated, and dangerous shop-floor operations to mechanisms powered by artificial intelligence, allowing humans to pursue more creative activities

Benefits of Introducing Industrial Automation Systems

Being one of the top industrial automation software companies,
Sirin Software sees undeniable perks in implementing digital technologies into our working routine.

  • Higher productivity
    Industrial automation systems provide a non-stop production cycle, reducing to the minimum the downtime needed for maintenance and personnel’s days off.
  • Better quality
    Industrial controllers allow excluding human factor that is often the root of errors and inadequacies of the final product.
  • Improved flexibility
    While humans have to be trained anew with the arrival of each innovation, AI-powered mechanisms can just be programmed to fit the novel conditions.
  • Greater safety
    Replacing people working in hazardous environments or at risk-related jobs, smart machines will ensure fewer injuries of the staff.
  • Enhanced data accuracy
    Industrial automation software enables to collect information cheaper and more accurately than a human might ever hope to achieve.

How can all of these be accomplished?

Smart Tools Employed in Industrial Automation Industry

Today, the variety of tools applied in industrial automation solutions is astounding. Having accumulated vast experience in developing industrial automation software, specialists of Sirin Software single out the technologies, that are shaping the contemporary development trends of industrial software products.

  • Industrial controllers.
    A whole gamut of these industrial automation solutions is called to monitor and perform automatic procedures in industrial environments. Thus, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) trigger output devices after processing obtained information, Distributed Control System (DCS) unites such devices into one automated network, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) enables obtaining data from all the connected devices for further analysis and effective decision-making.
  • Human Machine Interface.
    This application provides interaction between human operators and systems they work with, translating encoded data into accessible information.
  • Artificial Neural Network.
    Imitating the organization of the human brain as a network of neurons allows ANN industrial automation software system to function as an efficient analysis tool.
  • The Internet of Things.
    When employed on an industrial scale and involving cloud facilities, this technology can be leveraged in a plethora of fields – from agriculture to smart parking solutions.
Industrial Automation Solutions: Use Cases Scrutinized

Having the industrial automation industry as one of its profiled domains, Sirin Software especially excels at developing software solutions in the following realms.

  • Retail/E-Commerce
    This is one of the most vibrant spheres, promising its stakeholders outrageous revenues. Naturally, automating the workflow in it is sure to increase the profits exponentially. We can tackle any software automation projects related to updating inventory records, customer defection and fraud identification and prevention, client support and service, returns processing, targeted product recommendations, and more.By implementing them, your company will be able to improve workflow efficiency, enhance customer experience, cut down on operational costs – in a word, take your enterprise’s performance to a new level by reducing the necessity for manual intervention.
  • Telecommunications
    In the modern internet-powered world, communication reigns supreme. We can help you with introducing automation software that will streamline your product development and customer service. Thanks to it you will process a deluge of data derived from interaction with your clientele to develop important insights into your customers’ experience. This will allow you to tap your product’s fortes and shortcomings and improve it, building your firm’s reputation and fostering brand loyalty along the way.
  • Banking/Fintech
    This sector is perhaps the most susceptible one to introducing automation techniques. They can be extremely helpful in streamlining the inner workflow of organizations, such as tax reporting, expense management, dealing with payments (both incoming and outgoing), etc. Moreover, automation can facilitate interaction between banks and their clients, who would like to receive home loans, credits, or information on their bank statements.Resulting from such automation boons are evident: reduction of paperwork and labor costs, saving time (both that of customers and bank personnel), minimization of errors, and increased possibilities of fraud detection.
  • Healthcare
    With the pandemic of COVID 19 still raging in the world, the automation of healthcare-related operations comes to the forefront. Novel software can be instrumental in remote monitoring and scheduling of patients, automating the issuing of treatment instructions and monitoring the follow-up, exercising control over regulation compliance, and doing lots of things that are called to improve patient experience and deliver medical aid faster and more efficiently.
  • Logistics
    By launching an automated TMS (Transportation Management System), organizations can reduce the workload on support teams as well as prevent shipment delays, schedule and track product delivery, improve order processing, and do lots of other mundane but necessary operations that will eventually spell a boom in customer satisfaction and increase sales.
  • Education
    Propelling education into the 21st century is impossible without respective software whose overarching goal is to initiate an intelligent tutoring approach to studying. Here automation has virtually limitless application opportunities – from creating smart content and lesson planning to setting up concierge chatbots that will provide consultations to students 24/7.As a result, educators will get rid of the manual content creation routine and will be able to make the instruction process more effective, while students will receive a more personalized and hands-on learning experience and facilitate their studying efforts.
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Create Your Industrial Automation Project with Us

Whatever industry you are engaged in, your enterprise can greatly benefit by automating its scheduling, data entry and processing, risk detection, customer support and retention, pricing optimization, and numerous other nitty-gritty details that will make your company more successful.

Sirin Software has a team of seasoned professionals whose expertise and committed effort can be employed for the creation of any industrial automation project that will let you stand out among your competitors and bring a satisfying customer experience to your clientele.

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